Chop Chop Games is a Danish game studio focusing on fun, innovative gameplay and community interaction more than anything else. With a small team size, we focus on fast, efficient game iteration.

With big game studios releasing yet another sequel to yet another sequel, a lot of innovation has become stale. We believe there’s much more to explore yet in terms of game design and game genres. Anything from platformers to virtual reality to hardcore strategy games still has potential to grow, and we hope you will follow us on a journey through the unknown.

Chop Chop Games started as a pet project by Dario Rahimic and Michael Kruse right after they graduated from university in 2017. The vision was to create a game studio which broke with traditional genres for games and innovated game experiences from a technical perspective. Since 2017, Chop Chop Games has become a business, and allowed us to work both on our own IPs, as well as co-productions with other studios where we add our technical and design expertise.