Below is a short list of some of the amazing projects we’ve worked on in collaboration with other studios and companies.


We worked on the Tumbelina project in collaboration with MANND in addition to management and actors from Aarhus Theatre. We gained a lot of experience with putting real world actors into VR with realtime 3D movement and solving the complications that arise.

We worked briefly on the popular football management game Pro 11 by Trophy Games. Herein we primarily used our technical knowledge to fix bugs and implement new features.


We worked on the project “Gonio VR” together with AATE VR to help build on the functionality of an experience which is a gamechanger within physical therapy and rehabiliation. Apart from design and technical experience, we also learned what it’s like to work with health requirements.

We worked together with AATE VR team to create the simulation training “SundSim VR” – for nurses to practice diagnosing patients with KOL. SundSim VR has received wide recognition and is one of their most popular products.


We came on board as technical experts to teach Unity and VR for a class at VIA University College in Aarhus. This taught us valuable lessons on how to administer technical knowledge to adults.

We taught a game design class at the primary school “Lisbjerg Skolen” where we had the pleasure of working with young students eager to learn and experience the world of games.

We are a part of GameHub Denmark where we actively take part in helping the Danish game industry, doing talks about our experiences, give advice and do Game Jams where we get to mess around with new creative ideas.