In 2022 we became a part of the Roblox GameFund with the game Skullbeat. Here we worked closely with the Roblox internal team to use their newest features and showcase the power of the engine, to create something unseen on the platform before.

Since then, we have brought our expertise to other brands and helped them make their way to the platform.

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SKULLBEAT 2022-2024

As part of the Roblox Game Fund, we are developing the game SKULLBEAT – a sequel to Felix the Reaper, together with Kong Orange. The game is a Rhythm Brawler, and plays like a mix between Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. It’s a fun mix of rhythm action, crazy dance-moves and playful strategy.

The objective of the game was to showcase the graphical fidelity of the Roblox Engine, while creating a deep and engaging gameplay loop which captures an older audience on the platform.


GLAMPUS HIGH 2023-2024

Glampus High is a pilot project currently launched in collaboration with Google, Netcompany and Khora. The game is about finding your style on the glamorous campus, while engaging in minigames that promote learning in areas of STEM.

The objective of the game was to create a fun little experience, which could promote STEM subjects to a new generation of girls in a lighthearted playful way through gamification.