• Play MineRalph
  • Beat the scores on ingame timers
  • Record video evidence of your runs in case of dispute
  • Claim prizes on Discord after competition ends on Jan 04 2023

Winners will be locked on Jan 04 2023 at 23:59 CET and announced the day after.

All prizes will be paid out through PayPal.


  • The run must be done by a human (no TAS)
  • No 3rd party software or code / game changes which give you an advantage
  • All competitions use Ingame Timer and must be visible during entire run.
  • All runs must be done on LIVE version of game.
  • No video splices, recordings must be of the full run.
  • If we suspect cheating, we reserve the right to remove your score and award the person below you instead.


  • The run starts when you click “Start Speedrun” and ends when timer stops after defeating final boss.
  • Full game timer must be visible at all times during recording.
  • Any kind of skips are allowed.


  • Prizes are awarded for each of the 33 main levels, including bosses, but not bonus levels
  • Individual leaderboard levels are used to determine the winner.
  • The replay of your run must be working ingame.
  • A player can hold multiple first places, and win multiple prizes.


  • Awarded to the first 12 unique players to complete a Deathless run (can only be won once pr player)
  • No timer required, you can be as slow or fast as you want.
  • Requires video evidence uploaded and posted in Discord.
  • Does not have a time limit, and does not end on January 4th, like the other two.

Join the discord where people share strategies and gloat about setting new records.